Petrus Romanus - Last PopeSarah Skye is an author, ghostwriter, and journalist.  She writes niche nonfiction about “fringe” topics related to health and well-being, plus a variety of spiritual and paranormal topics.

Her first two books (in her own name) were co-authored with her writing partner, Dace Fitzgerald Allen.

Prophecy & The Last Pope – Saint Malachy, Nostradamus, the Antichrist, and End Times

Petrus Romanus, the Last Pope – Who, Where, When

Those books took her into the realm of conspiracy theories and the darker side of religious history.  It was an adventure.

She also contributed to Sell That Website! by her friend, Mike Gerard. It’s a beginner’s book about selling domain names and websites.

Her first individual book was North Korea – What’s Behind the Headlines, published in late March 2013. As politics changed, keeping the book current was impossible. Sarah and her publisher agreed it was best to retire that book.

Then, she ventured into quirky English history, exploring the Bisley Boy legend. That book became Was Queen Elizabeth a Man?

In her own words…

Sarah Skye, authorI am a Harvard-educated journalist and historian living near Boston, Massachusetts. My year is usually divided between New England, Florida, Utah, and the U.K.

My husband took the photo – at left – when we were at Stonehenge.  It was one of those wonderful English days when the fog was clearing and the sun managed to flash through the clouds for just a second.  (Luckily, my husband had his camera ready, and caught the moment.)

I’m happily married.  My husband and I have raised three great (and very independent) children who love to travel. For most of those years, we were homeschoolers. Mary Poppins would be proud.

In my spare time, I like to hike, attend plays and concerts, and travel. I am a member of Mensa and recently became a Sustaining member of Junior League.

Past Projects

Since 1995, I have written hundreds of articles and reviews related to Celtic history, travel, genealogy, New Age, and paranormal subjects.

I wrote about ghosts, fairies, crop circles, UFOs, Hollow Earth, Grail and Arthurian topics.  Less often, I wrote about alternative wellness and mental health issues, channeling, skeptical inquiry, and quantum studies.

Also, I’ve been a ghostwriter. I specialized in autobiographies and family histories.

Most of my work appeared under other names or without a byline. I wrote in total confidence, and my clients were free to present the work as their own… which they often did.

Today, I write about my interests and hobbies and proudly use my real name.