Petrus Romanus – Who, Where, When

Petrus Romanus - Last PopeUpdate: This book is now out-of-print. Early in 2016, we plan to include its information in our other book about the Pope, along with new updates about the office of the pontiff and how prophecy is being revealed.

Here’s my original post about our Petrus Romanus book:

Yes, I have published two new books.

The past few weeks have been hectic but fun.  My friend Dace and I decided to put his research and my writing skills together, and work on a couple of books related to the Pope’s resignation.

Our latest book is Petrus Romanus – Who, Where, When.  It’s a shorter version of our earlier book, The Last Pope, reorganized for easier reading by people who want “Just the facts, ma’am,” as Joe Friday would say.

We’re intrigued by the idea that we’ve already seen the last Pope, and it’s not the current one. In fact, it’s possible the “last Pope” flew right under the radar, while everyone’s attention was focused on speculation about the Papal conclave that elected Pope Francis.

Things are changing at the Vatican. We’re still watching, closely. These are interesting times.

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