Was Queen Elizabeth I a Man?

Image of book, Was Queen Elizabeth a Man?Was Queen Elizabeth I a man?  My current projects are related to that intriguing legend.

Ever since I read the article about Queen Elizabeth I rumors, I’ve been researching the history of that particular rumor and the evidence to support it.

My first discovery was Bram Stoker’s final nonfiction work, a book called Famous Impostors.  It’s difficult to read.  (That’s an understatement.)

Stoker definitely liked long sentences, longer paragraphs, and amazingly flowery language.

So, I spent several days trying to understand what Stoker was saying, and see if his historical references supported his claims.

Though I’d initially planned to write just one book about Queen Elizabeth I as an impostor, the Bram Stoker portion of the story was enough to fill a book, all by itself.  So, I decided to share my edited version of Stoker’s story.  It will save other researchers time and irritation.  After all, why reinvent the wheel? That book is Was Queen Elizabeth a Man?

Here is one of my charts from that book, and it describes what may have happened.

Illustration of wives and lovers and children of Henry VIII

I’m publishing this book in Kindle, today.  When I have more time, I hope to produce the second book in this fascinating series.

Later, I may explore the life of Catherine of Aragon.  While learning more about Henry VIII and his struggles to sire a legitimate, male heir, I stumbled onto something interesting.  There seems to be contemporary evidence that Catherine of Aragon struggled with anorexia, bulimia, or both.  Catherine’s hidden stories may become a third book in this series… but I’m not sure, yet.

For now, I’m excited to publish the current book based on Bram Stoker’s work.

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